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You wouldn’t leave your home unless it was on fire








This exhibition was created  in response to the refugee crisis resulting from the Syrian civil war.

The paintings were made by spilling ink onto rice paper scrolls placed on top of plastic film and manipulating by bleaching and working into the images; More a case of discovering the figures and the story, rather than constructing them.   

In the UK there are very few people who  have not got some history of migration in their family and many of those histories will have been harrowing, from times of famine and war. So it is difficult to understand how we can be finding ourselves in a position today when governments talk of migrants and refugees as if they are a problem to be solved. Refugees and migrants are the future peoples of this and other countries, just as our antecedents were. People have always mixed and moved. And besides, the world is so unpredictable a place, that we don’t know if one day it might be us depending on the humanity of others for survival.


Neither here nor there




Distant shores                       




The lost boys



Paying the boatman




Crossing open fields