Christine McIver, artist/printmaker

(Artist member of the GSWA)

Graduated in 1984 from Gray’s school of Art, with a degree in  painting and printmaking. I now work as a self employed artist, having retired early from teaching in 2017.




Currently preparing for April 2020 exhibition. Provisionally titled “Consider the Lillies”

These lillies were sold to me in bud as white! I had been planning to do some more black and white prints and wanted the dark green leaves and pale petals for stronger contrast. However they opened to a silky rich red which had to be painted.

The whole painting will be available to see in the Dunblane museum and art Gallery for the month of April 2020.






 I am artist number 85  at the Made In Stirling shop at 44 King Street, Stirling. Part of a fantastic, vibrant Art hub which is rapidly becoming  a creative focus for the local community and visitors  to the city.

They are currently engaged in a £50,000 crowd fund to raise  money needed to complete the various creative spaces within the hub. 



current work

Further development for April exhibition. The first of a series of monoprints, using reductive and additive mark making, with oil based etching ink, which allows for longer working time and more subtle marks.


Upcoming Event

April 2020 In the Dunblane museum and Art Gallery An exhibition with Sarah Ritchie; a fellow artist, who also happens to be my mother. The theme is;  lillies and their fluidity of meaning, and of shape.

                       collage and mixed media, Sarah Ritchie



Atlantic Edge Exhibition 2006

The Lost Boys Exhibition 2017

An exhibition of paintings exploring the relentless pursuit of freedom from persecution. Inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis, and the shared experience of human migration, which has been endured down the centuries. Probably by ancestors of every one of us, who would have at one time been strangers in a foreign land.           

(The Lost Boys, ink on rice paper scroll) from “The Journey”

print corner

recent working practise

These are experiments in exploring the properties of lino and perspex; I have been using a mini drill on perspex and printing through the mangle to create a faux etched image, and printing directly back and forward, through the mangle, from some pressed lilly leaves. The little black and white image is from a lino block which has had some metal wire and plastic grid pressed into it through the press. All techniques which I may use in finished pieces.


to book contact:

After September’s workshop, I will only arrange workshops on request for groups of three or four. Options will be for developing drawing skills in still life, portraiture and landscape, wet on wet techniques using ink, monoprint techniques and marbling. Workshops will run for a minimum of three hours.

The cost  for a group of three will be £20 per person and £17.50 per person for a group of four.